Fireproof & Waterproof

Small Money Safe

When you think of a safe it is common to picture a massive bank vault with doors larger than your garage but did you know that most Australians today would prefer to store their valuables in their homes instead of a bank. If a bank heist were to occur, the robbers would not find many items in personal safe boxes as most people are inclined to store their valuables in a safe at their residence. Not just residents, even business owners are more trusting of a personal safe than carrying their money and items home. We have safes for all types of users for multiple purposes.

Small Money Safes

Small money safes used to be a staple of the hotel industry but now they are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners and business owners. These safes despite being small in size are extremely durable and incredibly difficult to damage. They also come with a fireproof outer shell which ensures the safety of the items within for up to 30 minutes.

Small Fireproof Safes

Burglars are only one of the many dangers your valuables are at risk of. Many residents have lost their belongings to a house fire. If these belongings are stored in a safe then they are at a relatively lower risk but if the safe isn’t fireproof then it is only a matter of time before the items inside suffer considerable heat damage. There is a common misconception that only safes which are large and bulky can be properly fireproof but that can’t be further from the truth. Our fireproof safes come in all sizes and yes that includes “small”. Our safes offer protection to your items for up to 30 minutes in the event of a fire. This means upon exposure to fire, the contents of the safe will only start heating up after 30 minutes.

Money Safes For Business

Most business owners have a tendency to store important items in their place of business and rightfully so. Taking these items home and storing them runs the risk of home robberies and loss of items in transit. Many of these business owners also store crucial documentation and business papers apart from cash. If these documents were to be lost then the business would be hampered severely. Luckily, small safes for storing these items are an effective solution to this problem. Our safes are tamper proof and boast a thick outer layer that is virtually drill-proof.

Money Safes For Home

Keeping your valuables in a safe is secure by itself but what if your safe was hidden so well that no one other than you could find it? Small safes can be attached to any wall or flooring in your home whether it’s inside a closet or under the rug. Now the burglars would have to deal with finding the safe AND cracking it which will be too strenuous of a task for them to waste time on. Furthermore, there have been many reports of burglars simply carrying safes with them and cracking them later at their leisure. With a safe that has a complex digital locking mechanism and is anchored in, you don’t have to worry about either possibility.