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Your home is a personal space where you keep all your belongings and valuables. This is understandable as most people would prefer having their precious belongings in their proximity rather than store them elsewhere. However, home break-ins are at an all-time high and the risk of your valuables getting stolen in your absence is constantly prevalent. So how can you protect your home when you’re not even there?

The answer is a security safe box. Having a safe box at home gives your belongings an unparalleled level of protection not just from theft but also from the elements like fire and water. Of course, all of this depends on the type of safe you buy. Let’s take a look at some dangers that can be avoided with a home safe.


Reports have shown that most burglars are eager to finish their looting in as short a time span as possible and these people are generally not well-versed in cracking safe codes or breaking them open. This means that most burglars will spend little time in trying to crack open a safe and will often just ignore them and move on to the other belongings. Even if they have some expertise with cracking safes, certain security safes are built to be tamper-resistance and could give the burglar quite a bit of difficulty when it comes to cracking them.

Fire Damage

With an abundance of materials like fabric, wood, and plastic it’s quite easy for a home to be set ablaze in a matter of minutes. Luckily most fire departments have stellar response times and generally extinguish a fire within an hour of its start. Unfortunately, an hour is all it takes to burn up any and all precious belongings to a cinder. Security safes for homes come in many variants which range in levels of protection from fire. These safes are built in such a way that an optimum temperature is maintained within the safe keeping the heat away from the valuables inside.

High Security Commercial Safes Melbourne

Five Star Security Products have Australia’s best collection of high protection business/ commercial safes and cash safes that comprise the current day upgrades in safe protection. With combined dual fire and burglary protection they are perfect for home, business and retail environments where a high degree of security is required. Our Commercial Cash Safes will offer unsurpassed safety for large cash amounts, costly jewellery, quantities of valuables and your crucial files from unauthorized access. Our TDR (Torch & Drill Resisting) Safes are designed and built to supply the most effective degree of resistance against all known kinds of professional assaults by such means as powerful high velocity grinders & drills, cutting-edge explosives, excessive heat of Oxy-Acetylene, pneumatic & hydraulic slicing gear and intense pressure also as offering excellent fire safety to your documents.

Safety with style is our motto. At Five Star Security Products, we aim to attain 100% customer satisfaction.  We provide various kinds of safes so you will be able to choose the suitable safe to fulfil your requirements.

We are open all weekdays. To secure your valuables and stop worrying about their safety contact Five Star Security Products.  You will be able to easily find us by searching Five Star Safety Products or Best Safes Melbourne.

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