Choosing the right safe can be difficult if you’re not quite sure what to look for. At Five Star Security Products, we have a wide range of safes to choose from and in the video above we cover just a few of them.

When first deciding on what safe to purchase, you should be asking yourself where you’ll be using the safe. For example:
  • Home
  • Office
  • Warehouse

Cash Rating

The next thing to consider is what you’ll be keeping in the safe.  In the video above, we mention that some of these safes have a ‘cash rating’.  The cash rating is essentially what your insurance company will use when deciding how much they’ll be able to insure you for.  The higher the cash rating, the more money they’ll likely insure you for in order to cover valuable items such as watches, jewellery and other expensive items.

Fire Protection

The next thing to look out for would be ‘fire protection’.  Depending on what you’re wanting to store, and if you believe it could withstand the heat caused by a fire, will determine the optimal fire protection rating.  Some safes don’t come with fire protection, whilst others do.  In the video, you’ll notice that one of the safes has a cash rating up to $25,000 and as well as one-hour fire protection.  This particular safe is recommended for commercial uses.

Safes without fire protection are not designed for storing documents or paperwork.

Safes with fire protection but minimal cash rating are designed mainly for storing important documents and paperwork; not cash and jewellery.

Cash & Fire Rated Safes

A lot of our safes come with cash and fire ratings. This provides the owner with peace of mind knowing that they can have the best of both worlds in the one safe. Investing in a cash and fire rated safe allows for a more versatile purchase and can prevent you needing to buy a second safe in the future. The price difference between a cash and fire rated safe as opposed to just a cash rated or fire rated safe is not too significant considering the dual functionality it provides.

Drop Safes

Another type of safe you’ll notice in the video is referred to as a ‘drop safe’.  Drop safes are great for small business owners that need to make regular cash deposits.  With a drop safe, it’ll allow for cash to be deposited into the top of the safe, and it also has a bottom section which is locked away, keeping the money secure.

For more information on choosing the right safe, feel free to visit our contact page HERE.  You may also download the PDF below.  It’s a complimentary checklist designed at helping you to choose the right safe for your needs.

How to Choose the Right Safe Checklist (PDF download)