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      An office is not a personal space, it is a place of business and enterprise. Even so, the level of protection and care you want to afford to your place of work is no different than what you would desire for your home. The core difference here, is that your office is often in more danger of harm than your home. If your place of business is in a standalone building or even a business park, chances are you’ll suffer some serious damage at least once every 5 years.

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      Burglary is just one of the many dangers your office faces. Many offices are poorly equipped to deal with elements like fire and water. Though most offices are equipped with sprinkler systems, they are often too inefficient and end up extinguishing the flames well after the damage has been done. This is why investing in an office fire safe is crucial for keeping your office secure. There are many ways a fireproof safe can protect your office. Let’s check out a few.

      Hard Copies

      Though we are continually transitioning into the digital age, the prevalence of paper in business cannot be overstated. From contracts to payslips and even employee documentation, everything is still done on paper. All the documentation mentioned previously is of utmost importance to any business and losing these papers can set you back by a large margin. This is one of the most important reasons to own a fireproof office safe. These safes are built for commercial purposes and as such have a high amount of room for storage. The added insulation keeps the inside of the safe at a cool temperature though it may be burning outside.

      More Than Money

      Many business owners still conduct a lot of their business in cash. This can be due to a variety of reasons ranging from old-fashioned customers or simply a clientele that doesn’t trust banks. The nature of the business too can be a factor in this situation. If your business involves currency conversion or if you run a pawn shop then you probably have a large amount of paper money stored at your workplace. Even if you have secured your office against burglars by placing the money in a safe, if the safe isn’t fireproof then by the time the fire department comes to the rescue, all that money turns to ashes. A high-quality office safe can protect any materials stored inside for up to 2 hours and can be resistant for up to 1000 degrees of heat.


      The best utility that comes from commercial safes is their sheer size. They are quite large as they are built to accommodate a massive number of documents and items. Furthermore, an office fire safe is built with a high level of internal insulation in addition to a thick outer layer. This makes them incredibly heavy and difficult to move around. This means that even if 4-5 burglars were to enter your office premises, they won’t be able to carry your already impregnable safe out the door.

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