Abus Commercial Padlock 83/55

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a                                                        a) Body width 55 mm
b                                                        b) Horizontal Shackle Clearance 25 mm
c                                                        c) Vertical Shackle Clearance 37 mm
d                                                        d) Shackle diameter 11.5 mm




  • Chrome plated hardened steel lock body.
  • Special hardened alloy steel shackle with Nano-Protect™ as standard.
  • Double ball locking.
  • Easily converted from snap shut to key captive function.
  • Removable cylinder assembly for quick rekeying.
  • Incorporates the popular 570 style barrel.
  • Compatible with most restricted keying profiles.
  • SCEC approved for SL3.
  • Wide range of shackles in different sizes.
  • Wide range of accessories and spare parts are also available.
  • Supplied boxed.