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This safe has no cash rating and is designed for fire protection only

Fire proof up to 60 minutes

  • Fire rated document safe.
  • Unique touchpad technology.
  • 1 billion + digital user code.
  • Code scramble input function for privacy.
  • One time access codes.
  • Silent input option.
  • 1-48 hours total lock-down mode.
  • Pre-drilled holes with fixing bolts.
  • Re-settable 4-12 digital user code.
  • Low battery alarm signal.
  • Emergency battery capability using 9volt battery.
  • Tested to withstand up to one hour of intense fire.
  • 16mm steel locking bolts.
  • Epoxy sealed shell of galvanised steel, gives double rust protection.
  • Hinges protected with 18mm steel dog-bolts.
  • Exterior dimensions 420mm (H) x 352mm (W) x 433mm (D)
  • Interior dimensions 320mm (H) x 260mm (W) x 304mm (D)
  • Weight 36kg, volume 25.3 litres.
  • Protects passports and other precious paper documents from fire.
  • 1 hour fire protection for documents.
  • Certified by SP (Swedish National Testing & Research) and KS (Korea Standard).
  • Heavy duty box packaging.